Monday, September 24, 2018

Poetry: Never Chase A Techno Goose.

Sometimes, You will feel like you are chasing a wild goose. However,
for if you try to catch one, be sure my friend, that it is not, indeed a techno goose.

Never Chase A Techno Goose
By: Thomas Leathers

They fly using rocket pants, and make chase after you,
Make one wrong move, and you will be missing your shoe.

They wear pokadots, as they think that's where its at.
Though be sure to cover your head, as they'll steal your hat.

They'll hijack your car, and run its tires flat,
They'll break your doorbell, and steal the mat.

They have massive air-nets and can fly a plane,
They'll steal your hair nets, and shave off your mane.

They'll break your windows, and steal your pants
They'll steal your sidewalks, and even your plants.

They'll sneak up in the dark and spray paint your house.
They'll break your keyboard, and even your mouse.

Yes, they love rocketry, and love ruining your fun.
So, if they try to catch you, be sure to turn and run.

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